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Paddocks Cottage is a traditional detached house in a quiet residential area. It has a large lawned garden and there are fields nearby. Rail and road connections are very good. The Paddocks is very close to Crawley town centre and has very easy access to bus stops. The dedicated staff at Paddocks Cottage maintains a warm and homely atmosphere.


The Paddocks is a six-bedroom house. We aim to ensure that the home itself is well-maintained and decorated throughout. Each service user has their own bedroom, which has been individually personalized with their own possessions, creating personal space and ensuring privacy. Two bedrooms are situated downstairs and four bedrooms are situated upstairs. There is a walk-in shower room with toilet facilities downstairs and a bathroom upstairs with a lovely bath for service users to have a nice soak. Four of the bedrooms have a washbasin and one has en-suite facilities. Also, upstairs is a manager's office and a small landing area with a table and chairs. The rooms meet the pre-existing requirements of The National Minimum Standards 2002.  

On the ground floor is a lovely big kitchen and dining area with a large table and seating for six people. The large lounge area has access to the garden through double doors. The garden is very spacious and in the summertime it is used to have meals outside and for barbeques.

The garden is also used for planting flowers and for playing sports for example football or badminton.  

The kitchen is nice and spacious so service users can help staff to prepare meals. Then all of our service users sit together at a big dining table and enjoy the meal that they help with. There is also a walk-in shower room with a toilet facility.  

What we offer as a home:  

All the Service users are able to participate in a full and comprehensive activity programme which is tailored around their individual needs, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. The staffing ratio supports this. Activities include an in-house music session, watching DVD evenings, art and craft, trampoline, watching plains as we are very close to Gatwick airports, shopping, pampering beauty days, accessing community and days centres, day trips, a Keyworker system is in place with each member of staff overseeing the care of a particular service user, individual care and development programmes are devised to cater for each individual, encouraging each person to fulfil their potential. Staff support the service users as individuals in many areas including, personal care, activities, monitoring emotional and psychological needs, help with attending appointments out in the community and supporting individuals to maintain relationships with family and friends.  

Visitors are encouraged to visit The Paddocks at any reasonable time of the day or evening. We do request that all visitors make themselves known to staff upon their arrival and of their departure. Visitors are able to visit their relative or friend in any communal areas of the home or in the privacy of the service user’s own room.  

Menus are planned on a weekly basis but are flexible in relation to likes and dislikes. The menu is further developed with consultation on a daily basis to take account of individual preferences, dietary and cultural needs. Mealtimes are flexible, and planned in accordance with activities and individual’s requirements. Outings are arranged regularly to go to different places, these can include theme parks, trips to the coast and zoos or museums.  

Each service user has the opportunity to go on holiday each year and the staff team supports them. If service users do not wish to stay away overnight then they have special days out in lieu of a holiday. The home provides transport with one vehicle to meet the needs of service users’ daily activities, routines, and social and leisure activities. Where appropriate public transport will also be used.  

Service user meetings are held on a monthly basis for the service user living at the Paddock Cottage to give them a chance to raise any concerns, wishes and likes and dislikes. Some of our service users due to limited communication, are not always taking full part in meetings but we always try to encourage using different ways to communicate, for example Makaton / sign language. We do encourage feedback from outside professionals, agencies and service users’ relatives. Staff respect that the Service user communicates non-verbally and we encourage communication by other means. For example Makaton language or picture exchange.

Service AIMS

The aim is to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment for their residents. Every person’s needs are different so their requirements are tailored to suit each individual. There is a range of activities on offer with participation gently encouraged. Achievements are recognized and celebrated. Great importance is placed on listening to the views and concerns of residents in order to help them overcome anxieties or problems. Access to family and friends is welcome where appropriate and beneficial. The key objective is to assist residents in building the self-confidence and life skills that will enable them to live an enjoyable and satisfying life.

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