The staffing structure at Ashgate House will reflect the needs of the Service Users and will meet statutory requirements. We envisage that we will have one house manager, one deputy manager, 3/4 senior support workers, 15 full/part-time support workers, 3/4 waking night support workers and a handy person when full. Staffing levels may alter dependant upon resident needs, e.g. if the house is only partly occupied there is less staff, if a resident requires a high level of 1-1 support then more staff will be required. This will not be the case between the hours of 10 pm till 7.00 am unless needs dictate an increase in night staff. Where a Service User requires 1-1 support we will liaise with the sponsors to ensure that our team can meet this need. At present, we got nine service users and one vacancy. Staffing levels are four staff in the morning and four staff in the evening and one full-time activity co-coordinator.

Service Profile

Ashgate House aims to provide a homely environment that enables each person to reach their own individual maximum potential, at a pace and level that is appropriate for each individual’s ability and needs.


Ashgate House is a Residential Care Home for adults with learning and physical disabilities. The House was registered in July 2001. It was registered for 10 individuals who require 24-hour care and support.

Ashgate House will provide full activity care plans, which will be individual, according to Resident’s needs and wishes. These will be recorded in their care plans and reviewed 3 monthly.

Ashgate House will also provide detailed health and Lifestyle Care plans, which will cover aspects of Service User’s needs with regards to personal care, medical and physical needs and so on. These will also be recorded and reviewed 3 monthly.

Ashgate House is situated in a residential location in Romford Essex, approximately ten minutes’ drive from the M25. Located very close to Romford’s town centre, providing easy access to all local amenities, leisure facilities and transport services. It is also linked to other main town centres via the A12 and A127.

The physical environment has been adapted to accommodate Service users who have learning disabilities and who may also have associated physical disabilities. The house is wheelchair friendly. Ten bedrooms for single-use, four bedrooms are on the ground floor and six on the first floor, with lift access to all floors. Two kitchen facilities are available, the main one on the ground floor and a kitchenette on the second floor, thus enabling Service Users to participate in everyday life patterns. Ample communal and private space is available at Ashgate. To the rear of the property is a large conservatory, which overlooks a spacious well-kept garden that has wheelchair access from the house. Space has been provided for staff training and office facilities within the house.

Service AIMS

A comprehensive care planning approach ensures that the service is needs-led. The underpinning principles upon which we base our care planning are; that each person is entitled to receive a service based upon, dignity, respect, choice, participation and opportunities irrespective of their disabilities, ethnicity or cultural requirements. We welcome and encourage multi-disciplinary working to help us achieve our aims.  

Ashgate House aims to develop each person’s competencies through building on individual skills and strengths, thus providing a home that is happy and a life that is fulfilling.

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