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Our training program is delivered in line with The Care Act 2014, Skills for Care guidance, Care Quality Commission (CQC) fundamental standards, and is also in accordance with the requirements of all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation.

Training is provided to comply with mandatory and statutory requirements in respect of:
• safe working practices to ensure that the health, safety, and welfare of residents and staff are promoted and protected; this includes moving and handling, fire safety, first aid, food hygiene, and infection control
• enabling staff to achieve relevant qualifications in health and social care
• all aspects of abuse and protection of vulnerable people
• risk assessments and management of risk.
• all the service-specific requirements- dementia, autism, learning disabilities, mental health, conflict management, etc.

Our new employees will receive a solid and well-structured induction programme that includes the Care Certificate which will define the knowledge, skills, and behaviours expected to be in place in the health and social care sector.
All staff will have access to appropriate training to equip them to meet the assessed needs of the service users, as defined in their individual care plans. All training is regularly updated and staff receives refresher training so that their working practices are kept up to date.

As a matter of course our staff will have the opportunity to register on a nationally accredited Diploma training programme and be fully supported with this.

We are confident that our training programme ensures that our staff understand the vision and values of the organisation and are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to enable them to deliver high-quality care.

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Laurentiu (Michael) Cirdei

Head of Training and Development

Michael has 11 years’ experience in Health and Social Care and had worked in different fields in the care sector, starting as an adult care worker and progressing to the management level. He is part of the training department and HOPE team since Sept. 2016.  
He has achieved Level 5 Diploma for Health and Social Care, Level 3 Certificate in Management,  BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training, various level 2 qualifications- Mental Health First Aid, Principles of Business and Administration, Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicine, Understanding Working in Mental Health, Principles of The Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings, Nutrition and Health.
Michael was actively involved in developing Allied Care`s online training system.

What our clients Say?

What They Say?

"The staff are so good at reminding me, it helps me so much as otherwise I would forget and be really quite ill without their help."

Service User
Allied Care Domiciliary Services

[Staff] really do a fantastic job to help [Client] live more independently and helped the change in their life, with receiving support, it was amazing, the results."

Family member
Allied Care Domiciliary Services

"The staff are always so respectful and always respect my privacy, this is so important when they are coming in to my home."

Service User
Allied Care Domiciliary Services

"Everyone has said I have changed for the better in the last 4 months being supported by Ashlong Domiciliary Care”.

Service User
Allied Care Domiciliary Services

"The company are just great, they have encouraged [person] so much, [person] has become so much more independent than I ever thought [person] was capable of, they have worked so closely with his social worker and doctor and his life has changed so much for the better

family member
Allied Care Domiciliary Services

One person said of the Registered Manager, "She is very friendly and she understands me and my needs."

Service User
Allied Care Domiciliary Services

“Such sad news about T but I know what a fabulous job you and all your staff did, giving him the best quality of life, he could have had so well done keep up the brilliant work that you do”.

Allied Care Domiciliary Services

"A special thanks to the management and staff for all their support and understanding”.“I am satisfied with the range of support I get the team work well together”.

Service UserS
Allied Care Domiciliary Services


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