Bole Aller provides a 24-hour service with individual assessed 1-1 support as required.

Service Profile

Bole Aller House Ltd is a registered service for 23 service users with Learning Disabilities and or Mental Health. Our home is set in the most beautiful of settings with extensive views over the surrounding idyllic countryside. We are situated approx. 3 miles from the Market town of Cullompton and is approx. 12 miles from the city of Exeter. The extensive grounds offer Bole Aller House, Stable Block, Angel House, and 2 self-contained bungalows.


Bole Aller House offers 12 bedrooms 2 of which are en-suite. The 4 bedrooms downstairs have access to a disabled-accessible communal wet room (shower) and a separate toilet. The 8 upstairs rooms have access to a bathroom with a toilet and a shower room with a toilet. All bedrooms are fitted with their own hand basin for personal use, should service users prefer privacy in their own room.

Communal Areas of Bole Aller House

The communal areas of the home are comfortably furnished. There is a large open lounge, which boasts a small patio double door (with 3 steps) leading to the gardens and other outside areas. All service users can choose where to have their meals and are encouraged to make use of our communal dining room where they can interact and socialise with those whom they live alongside. The dining room has a set of double doors where service users can access the grounds of Bole Aller. The main kitchen is accessible via the dining room, there is a door leading directly into the kitchen and a large serving counter. The manager’s office is situated immediately inside the main entrance of Bole Aller House. Bole Aller has a room which is designated for the use and secure storage of the medication.

Stable Block

The Stable Block is a single-storey conversion and is a disabled-friendly building that consists of 5 bedrooms, a communal kitchen, and a lounge area. Two bedrooms have access to an en-suite, one with a wet room suitable to cater to an individual’s physical needs. All bedrooms are fitted with a hand basin. All service users have access to a communal bathroom room (shower wet room) and toilet. Immediately outside the stable block is a yard with a seated smoking area solely for service users, there are steps and slope access to the gardens and other areas of the home.

Angel House

Angel House is located at the bottom of Bole Aller and has 4 bedrooms and is situated where it is very quiet and has access to a secluded garden, which is fenced off and looks out over open fields. There is a seating area outside the front of the house for service users to sit and watch the wildlife and relax in the tranquil setting. Within Angel House, on the ground floor is an en-suite bedroom with shower, communal kitchen, and a large warm and inviting lounge and also a communal kitchen/dining room where all meals are cooked. The upstairs is accessible via steps and you can access a communal bathroom and toilet. There are also 3 more bedrooms 2 of which are en-suite. the other has a separate toilet and hand basin.

The Bungalows

There are 2 bungalows which are located just in front of the Stable Block adjacent to the main garden both have their own patio area. Each bungalow consists of 1 bedroom with en-suite, kitchenette/living room/dining room with a large window looking out over the gardens, as well as a small cloakroom area as you enter the bungalow.


The home is well maintained, and adaptations have been made to meet the needs of the service users. A minibus and car are provided to transport service users to appointments and to take them out on excursions. Cleaning is carried out daily by the staff as well as a designated cleaner. There is an onsite maintenance person who maintains the upkeep where and when required. To access Bole Aller there is a drive that brings you into a small car park if you continue a few feet further you approach the main house where there is additional parking space with a sweet-planted roundabout.

Service AIMS

Bole Aller exists to provide personal care as defined by Principles of the wellbeing of the Care Act 2014, and Human Rights Act 1998, to adults of both sexes over the age of 18. To foster an atmosphere of care and support which both enables and encourages our residents to live a full, interesting and independent lifestyle as possible with rules and regulations being kept to a minimum. Bole Aller House is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes service users and staff from all origins including LGBT+. As a provider, we will always be inclusive of all identities to make persons feel welcomed within our organisation.  Support will be provided and given where required and persons signposted to the relevant associations if requested.

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