There is a registered manager and an assistant manager, 24-hour staffing, 1-1 support provided as required depending on needs, 1 waking night staff to support individuals, Background fee covers 21 hours of support and additional hours support are determined and agreed during the assessment period to allow the correct level of required support to be purchased.

Service Profile

Ashford House was established in 1995. Our service offers accommodation, support and care for adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Ashford House is a residential facility for ten adults. They may be male or female but all have a learning disability or mental health issues. The home is registered for people aged between 18–65 years. Ashford House is a large detached residential home situated in the Seaside resort of Worthing, West Sussex. We offer responsive, accessible and effective learning disability / mental health services in partnership with our community so that individuals at all stages of life can achieve and sustain health and wellness. The dedicated staff at Ashford ensures a warm and homely atmosphere. The aim is to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment for the residents. Every person’s needs are different so their requirements are tailored to suit each individual. There is a range of activities on offer with participation gently encouraged. Achievements are recognised and celebrated. Great importance is placed in on listening to the views and concerns of residents in order to help them overcome anxieties or problems. Access to family and friends is welcome where appropriate and beneficial. The key objective is to assist residents in building the self-confidence that will enable them to live an enjoyable and satisfying life.


Ashford House is a large spacious 10 bedded Victorian property. All the bedrooms are fitted with furniture although service users are encouraged to personalise their rooms with their own furnishings, pictures etc. Service users are fully involved in the choice of decoration used in their bedrooms and throughout the home. Two bedrooms have en-suite facilities; these are both situated on the ground floor; all the other rooms have a washbasin. Communal areas are appropriately spacious. These include; A large lounge providing necessary furnishings, a second smaller lounge where we host movie nights and games. Service users also have access to an activities room. We have a large kitchen which was last refurbished in July 2019.

The office has an open-door policy where all are welcome to chat and discuss their care. A laundry room where all can be supported to launder their clothing One bathroom with a fitted shower and toilet. One shower room with a toilet. Three other toilets. There is a communal garden with a courtyard and decking area providing a space for barbeques, swing ball, football or a space to just relax. There is a smoking area provided for service users and staff.

Service AIMS

Service Profile and aims - Ashford House is a large spacious 10 bedded Victorian property. We provide 24-hour care to adults aged between 18 to 65 years with mild and moderate learning disabilities / mental health issues who may exhibit challenging behaviours. All service users have individual care plans in place to support and meet their individual needs and preferences both in-house and in the community. Service users at Ashford House have various needs and abilities therefore different levels of support are provided by the staff team. We aim to provide a homely and welcoming feel at Ashford house.

Our mission is to not only provide individual support in day-to-day care, but to encourage people to break through the boundaries, whether physical or mental, that impair their progression towards a fulfilling and rewarding quality of life that is available to all.

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