John Lang’s poem

In the deep blue sky far away in time when the world felt very grime.

We will never let it be forgotten the 6 whole years that they flew.

Back in world war two If you looked closely, high up in the sky you may have been lucky to see them fly.

My Father had the honour and looked after the spitfires; this may be a fact about me that you never knew.

I am immensely proud of this as he was a hero to me too.

He would tinker and fix these especially important planes. They used to save lives but nowadays they sometimes entertain.

He insured that they were safe to fly high up in the blue sky.

Hesadly spread his wings which sometimes makes me cry. This would now be 12years.

But behind my tears I share my stories I hold dear.

The ones he told me about the spitfire and that I cherish and truly admire.

My father is my hero which encouraged my interests in spitfires to grow.

Now we look to celebrate that 75 years have passed and it's now time to let our appreciation show.

But I am very lucky my father’s stories will remain and now I can share and entertain.

My memories will last and that is what makes me grateful for my past.