During the outbreak of the COVID-19 the company has been working solidly to drive the company forward and measures have been implemented to ensure individuals are maintaining enjoyment and stimulation with in house activities, and exercise where appropriate. 

Our frontline workers are continually demonstrating their dedication by arriving to work each day to support your loved ones.   Staffing levels are stable although we do have some staff as you would expect self-isolating/shielding.

We are maintaining a high level of infection control through robust processes and procedures. This is monitored by the lead infection control person in each service via line management to our Senior Clinical Lead and Manager of Health and Safety.  Generally, we are in a satisfactory position with PPE and have further supplies being delivered to our services by individual suppliers.

Restricting visitors to the service has reduced the risk to your loved ones greatly, but some risks will remain as individuals need contact with community nurses, adult care workers, paramedics etc. 

Our top priority remains to provide Individuals with the same high quality of care to keep them safe. We are regularly reviewing operations and receiving COVID-19 updates via the GOV.UK website, PHE and WHO.  We have been able to continue our robust quality assurance programme remotely and have well established reporting lines of communication directly with the Executive management team.

These are very tough times; some people will find this situation harder than others. Our staff are looking out for those people and will do all they can to support them. 

We wish you a safe journey through this historical COVID-19 period.

Cathy Meacham
Head of Commercial and care services

Karen Jarritt
Head of People and Engagement

Geri Connelly
Head of Compliance